documentary film and wildlife photography

travel, environment, science


Hi, my name is Katie Garrett and I love telling stories with my camera. I also really like frogs and snakes.

I work as a filmmaker in various sectors but this website focuses on my love of travel, wildlife, science and conservation. In this respect I have produced film pieces for National Geographic, Geographical Magazine, Ensia, Operation Wallacea, and the Honduras Amphibian Rescue and Conservation Centre. 


I studied Natural Sciences at Durham University and went on to work as a research assistant at The Natural History Museum in London (some things I did there include editing a book on Snakes, and finding new frogs in Cameroon). I began filming while travelling with my brother and in 2012 we established a video production partnership - Garrett and Garrett. My time is currently split between commercial work in London and chasing small underrated creatures around Latin America, often in Honduras with the wonderful people at HARCC.