I paint as a hobby, always in watercolour, usually reptiles and amphibians and often from my photographs and video stills. You can buy prints, T-shirts and many other things on my Red Bubble shop page

Blue Spotted Salamander ( Ambystoma laterale )

Blue Spotted Salamander (Ambystoma laterale)

Lemur Leaf Frog ( Agalychnis lemur )

Lemur Leaf Frog (Agalychnis lemur)

Sylvia’s Leaf Frog ( Cruziohyla sylviae )

Sylvia’s Leaf Frog (Cruziohyla sylviae)

Green Sea Turtle ( Chelonia mydas )

Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas)

Yellow Spotted Salamander ( Ambystoma maculatum )

Yellow Spotted Salamander (Ambystoma maculatum)

Exquisite Spike-Thumbed Frog ( Plectrohyla exquisita )

Exquisite Spike-Thumbed Frog (Plectrohyla exquisita)

Bolitoglossa conanti

Bolitoglossa conanti

Red-Eyed Tree Frog ( Agalychnis callidryas )

Red-Eyed Tree Frog (Agalychnis callidryas)

Canal Zone Tree Frog ( Boas rufitelus )

Canal Zone Tree Frog (Boas rufitelus)


Previous works with watercolour:

Bothriechis schlegelii

Bothriechis schlegelii



I also painted the three species the Honduras Amphibian Rescue and Conservation Centre are working to save.