Otters, Peru

In my last post I mentioned having learnt a simple but important lesson about travelling and filming wildlife, about accepting that sometimes things go your way and sometimes they don't. The week I went to the low jungle near Puerto Maldonado (despite my laptop charger breaking and accidentally throwing my spare camera battery into a lake) when it came to wildlife, I was particularly lucky.

I was there to help an organisation called Peru Verde with some filming to promote their conservation work, and so I went to visit two of their lodges on the border with Bolivia. People visit this region in the hope of seeing giant river otters, and we were not disappointed. Our guide Jhon Aguilar whose voice you can hear on this video, is incredibly good at his job in every way:

We also saw a tapir, 6 species of monkey, a rainbow boa, an amazon horned frog (perhaps not high on the tourist list, but for me this was a real highlight) countless macaws and a sloth! Basically every excursion we went on, the amazon threw up some new spectacle, and I saw lot of animals I have wanted to see since I was a teenage girl glued to 'Andes to Amazon' and realising that dinosaurs really do still exist (those hoatzin are just nuts).